my very first real christmas tree

In all of my years, I have never had a real Christmas tree. Growing up, my sister had asthma and allergies so the idea of it would have been out of the question. As an adult I have just always done an artificial tree because it is what I know. 

This year, I went back and forth on my decision of whether to just stick with the fake one or try a real one. Tons of people told me how annoying it would be to clean up the needles and to water it every day. Then tons of other people told me how wonderful it was. So........I went for it so I could be the judge. 

We went to the Christmas tree farm to pick one out and Keegan had so much fun. I am absolutely loving watching my son discover the wonders of Christmas this year. I feel like I am seeing life with brand new eyes because of him. He sees the wonder and beauty in everything. 

The best part of the day for him was running around with big sticks and fighting off the bad guys and hunting for animals. Boyhood is so much fun to watch. 

This is our semi-blurry attempt at a family portrait. The wind was so crazy that I am surprised it looks as decent as it does. Props to Ashley for the tips on how to accomplish a photo like this. Hers turn out way better than mine and she has quadruple the number of children I have.  I guess we will have to keep practicing so that we will have more photos with all of us together. 

This is the face of disappointment. He wasn't ready to go home yet. But home is exactly where we went with our humongous tree that takes up half of our living room. I LOVE it!