it's the little things....

I am absolutely thrilled that the Holiday season is upon us. I love everything about it: the cooler weather, the traditions, the food, the family time and the decorating. The list could go on forever. 

This year I am more excited than usual. If all goes as planned my husband will be finished with nursing school in December and it can't come soon enough. We have lots and lots of fun family things planned for Christmas like getting my very first real Christmas tree, going to the Christmas train, making homemade decorations and lots of other good stuff. 

I am spending the day with my little man today while my husband will probably be studying for one of his last tests. The mornings in our house are some of my favorite times. I am the morning person so I almost always get up with or before Keegan.  I love the sound of him coming out of his bedroom and saying "Good Morning Mommy!" We then go straight to the kitchen to get his breakfast. He always loves to help me with whatever we make. 

This morning it was star toast. 

It is the little things in life like this that I am most thankful for.

I love that barely awake yet face of his. 

What are you most thankful for this holiday season?