ashley+jonathan {the wedding}

Ashley and Jonathan are a true representation of joy and love. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed capturing their wedding day. They were wed at the beautiful Vesica Piscis Chapel.

I am loving the ruffles on those shoes. 

Oh how I adore first looks! We were lucky enough to have plenty of time to spend on photos because Ashley and Jonathan chose to see each other before the ceremony. Here is my photo and Jessie's photo of the very first look. 

These two are seriously so in love and so sweet. 

Only true love can give a girl a smile like this one. 

There is a quality in the love that they share that I have a hard time describing with words. But with the help of their photos maybe you can see what I mean. When they are together, they are the best versions of themselves. Jonathan fills Ashley with such joy and you can tell that when he is there, she feels safe and adored.

Ashley is always uplifting and kind to everyone she meets. She treats her man with upmost respect and allows him to be the man that he was created to be. Just look at this next photo. He looks so strong, confident and complete with his best friend by his side. 

Okay Ashley, you have to stop being so amazingly gorgeous!

I have to say that Anne-Marie of The French Bouquet knocked the ball out of the park with Ashley's flowers. A loved her bouquet so much that she was trying to figure out a way to take it with her on her honeymoon. ;)

Hellllllllooooo amazing full moon.