a week in review

Last night when I came in the door with take-out in hand, I plopped down on the floor in our living room while Keegan sat on my lap to eat our dinner. I looked around at all of the messes in my house and I felt guilty for not being able to keep up with everything. I took a sip of wine as I tried to relax and reminded myself that the world wouldn't end if our laundry never made it off of our bedroom floor.  This is just a season in our lives. A very very busy one.  It is more important to me to sit and hold my sweet boy while we eat and to try and stay awake after I put him to bed to talk with my husband than it is for me to have a spotless house. I long for the spotless house and it has happened maybe one or two times this year but I am okay with that. 

I am trying really hard to stop beating myself up for falling short of my unreasonable expectations. For now, I am doing the best that I can to live a healthy, love-centered (busy) life. Wedding season is almost over and my husband is almost done with nursing school. We will welcome the slower season with open arms and maybe...just maybe then I will get the laundry done and put away.

But for now, here are some photos of this past week to share with you.  


Ashley and Jonathan's amazing wedding.

The next day it was time to celebrate my beautiful sister-in-law and her soon to arrive baby boy with a little baby shower action. I just love this girl!

Then that evening I had a blast photographing Robyn and Mason's engagement session.

Miss Finley's one year session.

I cannot wait to share with you the shoot that I did for Jessy. She was one of my brides last year and she is an unbelievable designer. I photographed her along with the wedding gowns that she has designed and made.

Then I wrapped up the week with another sweet engagement session for Karen and Josh.

So, get ready for lots of pretty blog posts and more to come. This coming week is even more packed with 2 first look sessions, a wedding Saturday, Sunday and Thursday.  Oh and if you want to send a maid to my house, you have got major brownie points coming your way!