keith+amanda {the wedding}

If you have been following this little blog you will recognize Amanda and Keith from their first look photo session that we did on the Thursday before their beautiful Saturday wedding. You might also know that they live out of state. I had such a blast photographing them that it is a good thing they don't live here. I might just show up at their house and ask if I could follow them around all day with my camera. Seriously, they are that much fun. 

Their wedding was at First Presbyterian in downtown Tulsa and their reception was just around the corner at the Petroleum Club. Keith and Amanda have a way of living life that makes anyone want to stop and smile. From the way that they treat everyone around them, to the way that they look at one another, even the way that they enjoy music makes you realize that they really truly enjoy life and love from the depths of their hearts. 

Amanda and Keith, I wish you both the best that life has to offer. I know that you will enjoy every second of it. Thank you for being a true representation of love and joy. Thank you for allowing me to follow you around all day and take your photo hundreds and hundreds of times. It was pure bliss. 

Getting ready to put on the gown. 

A second first look. 

The way that Keith looks at Amanda melts your heart. He adores her, he takes care of her and he brings out the best in her. 

I am still amazed at what a pretty laugh Amanda has. 

Natural light flooding through the stained glass in the back of the church to illuminate Keith and Amanda at the front of the church. Props to the Big Guy upstairs for arranging that one. 

Here are the windows at the back.

The ladies were looking more than fabulous.

The guys cleaned up pretty well too.

One of my favorite shots of the day.

Jessie's view.

My view.

See....this is why I want to follow them around all day with my camera.

They are about to pray and she is STILL smiling like that! Love it!!

One of Amanda's bridesmaids was from Germany and she had them do a German wedding tradition of cutting a heart of a sheet together with tiny scissors. It was so much fun. Plus hearing her explain it in her beautiful accent was an added bonus.

Then Keith had to carry her through the heart once they cut it out.

 I am not sure what the story is behind this photo but I love it nonetheless.

A little snuggle time.

And then it is time to bust out the moves. Please note the amazing dance faces. I always smile while editing reception photos because of faces like these.

The only thing better than dance faces are Amanda's adorable parents with front row seats to the dance floor.