karen+josh {engagement}

I am so excited that I get to finally share this photo shoot with you. When I got home the night that we did the shoot I was absolutely giddy with excitement. Karen and Josh are just so sweet together and I loved documenting their love on camera. Not only were they the perfect pair, but the light the entire time of our shoot was being extra yummy. 

As you will see from the photos, Karen is breathtakingly beautiful. I told her the night of the shoot that she had a very special kind of beauty. She blushed. It is so soft and radiates from her heart. She truly has no idea how very gorgeous she is. I am happy to say that I think that Josh understands what a amazing gift he will be receiving the day that he takes her hand in marriage. 

Congratulations guys, I am honored and filled with joy to capture this part of your lifelong journey together.

I have to tell you that this next photo was taken on a whim. We were walking towards our cars so that Karen and Josh could get their next outfit to change into when a car drove through stirring up a ton of dust in the air. I looked behind me to chat with them and I saw the most incredible light coming through the dust. I literally pushed them off of the road into the grass and said "Snuggle!!! Fast!!!" They probably thought I was nuts but I am totally okay with that. 

I am okay with being nuts.....and I am totally okay with this photo. ;)