wednesday pretties

I thought I would post a couple of photos of random things that have been bringing me joy during this ridiculously cold weather.

Here is my new camera bag that I got on Etsy from Gypsy Rose Handbags. It is perfect! I needed one larger than my small one and smaller than my giant wedding gear bag. When this came in the mail I was blown away by the excellent quality. Not to mention it's stunning good looks.


I really wish that I had a fireplace. As specially when it gets this cold. I had on 4 layers yesterday including a knit hat and my finger less gloves and I was still freezing. Did I mention that I was inside? Our old house and drafty windows aren't the best at holding the heat in. Since I couldn't start a fire. I lit candles and wrote an inspiring bible verse on my chalkboard to remind me that life is short and life is good (even when it is 11 degrees outside).