cameron {newborn}

Everyone seems to be having babies. Remember the beautiful Courtney? She had her little man Cameron in December. They brought him home right before my trip and then there was Christmas and crazy weather so, he was nice and plump by the time I made it out to do his newborn session.

His Daddy is a fireman (a.k.a. wonderful man who save lives).  We definitely had to get a few of Cameron with Daddy's firman gear.

One of my favorite baby shots of all time.

Loving those rolls.

Look at how tiny he looks in respect to the scale of his room.

One might think that it is an easy task to get a photo of big sister Addison giving baby a kiss.

Think again.

As you can see from this next outtake, she just wants to go eat her goldfish by herself.

Cameron was very upset about this OU football season. He is hopeful for next year though and he can't wait to go to a game with his Dad.