hudson {1st birthday party}

I was so very honored when the sweet and talented Jenny invited me out to photograph little Hudson's first birthday shindig.

The details were so cute.

I am totally jealous of Hudson's True Religion jeans. I am cheap when it comes to buying clothes for myself so I don't think that I will ever own a pair of these. Oh well, I guess I will settle for photographing how cute they look on other people. ;)

I think this next shot of Hudson taking a bite of a hamburger is just so cute. My son would probably look at me like I was crazy if put that whole thing near his mouth like that. (He is pretty particular about his food and the way in which he eats it.) Thus, I am also jealous of what a great eater little Hudson is.

Ladies man!

When asked how old he was. He politely held up one figer while he used the other hand to continue eating lots of sugar.

The beautiful C family.


How cute are these?

How cute is this?