an office in progress {and a little more about me}

Some of my newer blog readers may not know that a few years ago we bought a fixer upper (not the kind of fixer upper that just needs some fresh paint on the walls). Nope, we were all gung ho about doing all of the work ourselves to turn a profit. We thought that we could realistically get it all done in about 6 months with all of the cosmetic final touches to be completed in one year.

"Ha..ha..ha...ha!" That is the sound of our house laughing in my face.

What we didn't realize in the process of this huge untertaking was that life was going to throw us a few surprises. Shortly after moving in, my husband decided to quit his steady job as the worship leader at our church so that he could persue the medical field. He had always dreamed of doing this and we weren't getting any younger so, off to school he went.

Of course this whole process put the majority of our financial burdens upon me. I was ready to support my man and trust the Lord to provide for us as I waited tables at a local steakhouse. While I was making ends meet, working late hours at the restaurant I couldn't shake this yerning I had inside to start doing photography. When I finally scraped enough money together to buy a decent camera, I hit the ground running. With every little photography job that came my way, I put a little money in my pocket to purchase all of the gear that I would need to run a "real" photography business. Needless to say, our house projects got pushed further down on our priority meter.

Then.....The doozie. I got pregnant! When I gave my husband the news he forgot to blink for two days straight. He just stared into space wondering how in the world we were going to do this and wondering what in the world was God thinking!

Well as it turns out, God knew a lot more than we thought he did at the time. I got too fat to keep waiting tables and too exhausted to do both the photography gigs and the restaurant gig. One night after getting rammed in the belly with a glass rack at the restaurant, I came home with swelled eyes full of tears telling my hubby that I just couldn't do this anymore. The next day I quit.  We just knew that our God would provide and take care of us somehow. We prayed for my photography business to do well so that Nathan could continue school and so that we could buy diapers for our soon to arrive baby boy.

God is faithful. My business is so much more than I could have ever dreamed of. I am the mother of a beautiful little boy and the wife of an amazing man who only has one more year left of school.

My house....well, that is another story. It is a constant work in progress. We just haven't had the time, energy or funds to finish it.

My office....well, if any of you peeked in the door without my knowing. I would die. It is an embarassing ugly mess. I am challenging myself over the next few months to work on it little by little. Even if I only put in ten minutes a day, progress will eventually happen. It needs major organization, paint and cleaning.

I found some beautifully organized office photos online to inspire me kick me in the rear.

So, now you know a little more about me and my family. I hope that you have a wonderful Monday!