lawson {newborn}

Remember this beautiful family photo taken in the beautiful fall weather? Just look at that sun shining on them.  It was probably 70 degrees when this was taken. That is just about 50 degrees warmer than the high for today. Burrr. I love snow, but I don't like 20 degrees.

The new addition to the Dewey family has arrived. Her name is Lawson and she is so very sweet. I got to hold her and smell her and it made my heart melt into an oooey gooey substance. I also got to watch my amazing friend Jessie hold and love her new baby girl as she so graciously shared her love and affection with her son and her husband too. I have wonderful friends.

Lawson with her big brother Eli.

These make me smile.

I couldn't choose a favorite out of the next two. They are so similar and yet so different.

I love how you can already see the little baby bald spot working it's way into Lawson's hair. Her Mama's hair however, is looking perfect as usual.

Daddy Lee got home from work just in time to sneek in a few shots. Plus, he brought us Starbucks. Thanks Lee!

And of course, the whole fam.