the faith of haiti

Along with everyone else, I have been mourning...crying...praying...wondering why this happened. I cannot put into words the emotions and the heartache that I have felt over this past week as I am sure all of you feel the same way. I had been planned on doing a personal post today with photos of my little boy and I just couldn't. I really felt that I needed to share with all of my blog readers what it is that I have really been thinking about. After all, I did promise you that I would do more posts to help you get to know me.

The images of the earthquake and it's destruction are quite certainly etched into our minds forever. As I sit in my warm home with a full belly, I am moved to tears. If I am honest with myself, I have not been grateful. The little bit that I give to organizations that I believe in somehow seems to be way too little and I feel that I have been consuming way too much.  I have everything that I need and so much more. A disaster that has destroyed homes and taken over 200,000 lives, has changed me. I mean....really changed the direction of my heart.

I am a visual person so, it really helps me to process my feelings when I can see things.  Within the multitude of images of destruction, despair, death and grief. I came across these. 

These are people who have suffered more grief and loss and pain than humankind has known. And they are crying out to their Maker. I cannot imagine what must be going through their minds. So much pain, so much loss and yet they have hope. This is pure, undeniable faith. I am encouraged by these beautiful people.

The amount of aide and help that these people need and are going to need in the future calls us to respond. There are countless ways to help. I encourage you to do so. Do not wait.

Please click on the link below to hear a beautiful song written for Haiti by our dear friends Michael and Lisa Gungor. When the little music box comes up on their myspace click on the top song entitled "Song for Haiti".