keegan's birthday bash

We had a little birthday bash for Keegan at our house with just a a few close friends and family members. Our home has been in a constant state of construction for the past two years so it has been so nice that most of that has been wrapped up so that we can enjoy our house.

I made all of Keegan's birthday decorations. I thought it would be a fun creative outlet for me and he is too young to tell me that he doesn't like them. Here is our homemade chalkboard with a little message to Keegan and our dining room light with little K's hanging on it.

I cut lots of ones and k's out of scrapbook paper and hung them all around the house. It was super easy and super inexspensive to make these tissue balls.

Here is my favorite part, the cupcakes! I made little Keegan photo flags for the cupcakes and of course a K on top.

Now on to the birthday boy. He really enjoyed playing with all of the tissue paper. It was a challenge to keep him from eating it.

Loving all of the attention.

This shot is typical Keegan. He NEVER sits still but if you give him a book he turns into a different kid. Oh, and he ALWAYS has his little ankles crossed.

Here he is trying to figure out what to do with his cupcake.


After giving him a bath to remove all of the frosting he played and played and played with all of his new toys. What a face!