loren+cw {engaged}

Meet the helplessly in love Loren and CW who will be saying "I do" this October. Our session was held at Post Oak Lodge and the setting was perfect for them! If you follow my blog regularly, you will remember the three deer from a few posts back. This place is truly breathtaking. Breathing in the fresh woodsy air out there sustained my soul.

One of the best parts of my job has been all of the amazing people that I have gotten the pleasure to meet. Loren and CW are certainly no exception to this. They are so full of warmth and love that they make you smile just being around them. Congratulations Loren and CW, I am so looking forward to your beautiful backyard wedding.

Loren is one of the happiest ladies I have ever meet. She must have fun no matter what she is doing.

Isn't she so beautiful? Yep.

I love this next shot because it seems to sum up their personalities quite well. Fun loving, laid back and oh so in love!

I could have photographed these two all night but a storm moved in and the sun vanished in an instant. Our session ended much sooner than I had wanted it to but I guess all good things must come to an end.