my baby is ONE!

This doesn't even seem possible but today my baby boy Keegan turns one. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by. The wonderful shock of finding out that I was pregnant seems like it was only a couple of months ago. Now, here I sit the mother of the most amazing child I could ever dream of. What a challenge, honor, privelege, joy, and blessing this past year has been. My heart has grown in ways that I never knew possible and I know that with each addition to our family it will grow again and again. But for now, while it is just the three of us I pray that God would help Nathan and I to love our son how the Lord loves him and see him everyday as the beautiful miracle that he his.

Happy Birthday baby boy. You are loved more than you could possibly understand.

Here is my little Keegs just a few hours old in the hospital. I love how you can see how tiny and fragile he is. I am holding him here because he needs me to and there is something inside of me that was forever changed by that.

......and here he is just a few days ago playing with me in our home. He still needs me of course but his independence is growing more and more every day. I chose this picture because I love how it compares to the one above. You can tell that I am in both of them but in this one Keegan is choosing to squeeze my legs and give me that amazing smile of his that says "I love you Mommy."