claire+matt {the wedding}

Claire and Matt had a stunning outdoor Hawaiian wedding last Saturday, which happened to be the hottest June 28th in the history of Tulsa. Despite the heat, this was by far one of my favorite weddings to shoot. The location was so unique and so beautiful. I could have taken photos of Matt and Claire on this ranch for hours but....they wanted to attend their reception so I had to scale it down and pick only my favorite spots for photos.

Claire and Matt, we are so happy for you guys and have so enjoyed getting to know you this past year. I just love how the two of you interact and goof around with one another. Always remember the playful hearts that you have towards one another and you will be the happiest couple around.

Well, enough of my blabbing. On to the pretties.

Claire and Matt decided that they wanted to wait to see each other until she walked down the aisle. They spent the day with their bridesmaids and groomsmen while getting ready for one another. Here is Claire opening the gift from her husband to be.

And here is Matt opening a very special gift from his wife to be. Can you tell what it is by his facial expression?

The house where the wedding was held was just perfect for this occasion. This next shot was all Claire's idea. Matt is actually right under the floor on which Claire is standing so they cannot see each other at all. This is just moments before the ceremony.

A happy bride.

An emotional groom.

Beautiful Hawaiian flowers and Leis.

A speech and then a prayer said by Claire's Daddy.