bella {4 years}

Good morning everyone and thanks so much for checking to see if you will find any wedding photos up from this weekend yet. It was a super fun and super busy weekend with two amazingly beautiful weddings so I am working away at the photos so that I will be able to show you some of my favorites. For Lydia and Daniel's wedding, check back at near the end of the week and for Jessy and Jeremy's check back at the beginning of next week. Thanks!

For now, here is the beautiful 4 year old Bella! I just love this little pumpkin. Check out her awesome facial expressions.


 We found a 4 in the parking lot we were in. Perfect for the pretty 4 year old!

This next one cracks me up. Bella thought that I wasn't paying attention because I was changing my cf card in my camera but I caught her funny pose just in time.