ode to cheerios

Well, Keegan decided to finally get a couple of teeth and wanted to try them out on some real food. He was so ready to take matters into his own hands instead of having to wait for Mommy or Daddy to feed him all of the time.

Here he is just sort of playing around with them.

This one is his "What kind of crap are you guys trying to pull" face.

Jezzi stood close by to pick up any yummy o's that made their way to the ground. Take note of the ugly old finish on these hardwood floors because today they are getting sanded down. Tomorrow they will get the ebony stain treatment. Oh yea!

FAT baby fingers. I could just eat them up!


This next one is my absolute favorite! I just love that you can see his brand new teeth on the bottom and the cheerios that he has chewed up. Not to mention his smile from the depths of his soul.

Gosh, I love that smile!

Needless to say, the Cheerios were a big hit.