o'neil wedding {donna+ryan}

Well, one thing is for sure and that is that I LOVE photographing LOVE! Ryan and Donna had plenty of that to go around. We had such a wonderful time capturing their day for them.

Getting ready....

The first time I met with Donna to talk about doing her wedding she explained that this next photo was of very high importance to her. Unfortunately, Donna's lovely mother had passed away but while she was still living she attended Donna's twin sister's wedding and wore the shoes that you see in this image. Her funeral was also held in this church so, Donna wanted to have a moment alone kneeling at the altar in front of her mom's shoes (which Donna wore for the rest of her wedding day.)

Tied around her flowers was a photograph of her mom so that she would be with her all day.

This one of Donna walking down the aisle is one of my favorites. I love the natural light coming in from behind her. I think she looks like an angel. (Thanks to Nathan for getting this amazing shot!)

There were supposed to be bubbles in this one but it was entirely too windy for the bubbles to survive. I love the joy you can feel in this photo, with or without bubbles.