trip {newborn}

Get ready for this handsome little wonder called Trip. His first name is actually Denny after his dad and a long line of Dennys before him.

I could have photographed him all day long. He was so sweet, so content. Every time I thought the shoot was over with, he would do something that caught my eye. This first one posted here was one of the last shots that I took but I wanted to start out with it because it is by far my fav.  So...On to my favorite shot of the day.

I love this next one so much because you can see how much his big sister Londyn loves having her new little brother around. I can hardly believe that she is so big already because she was the very first newborn baby that I photographed when I started Imago Vita. Crazy how time flies.

Snuggling with Mama.

Chillin with Dad.