lydia + daniel {engaged}

Introducing Lydia and Daniel the oh so in love, soon to be Mr. and Mrs. We met Lydia and Daniel at the wedding show in January and found out that they also happen to work with my sister-in-law Sharon Phillips at Fox 23. We are shooting their wedding at the end of May and I seriously cannot wait because the love that these two have for one another is infectious.

We had to reschedule their engagement session quite a few times due to their scheduling conflicts or bad weather so when their shoot came along on Friday morning we had to do it because these two are hard to track down.  I say that we "had to" instead of "we got to" because it was very early in the morning and FREEZING. It was like 40 degrees and super windy. I could not feel my fingers at the end of the shoot.

Lydia and Daniel, we are so excited for the two of you and are so honored to be invited to share your day with you. Thanks so much for bearing the cold and the wind to capture your love. I don't know any other couple that would have showed as much joy you under the lovely circumstances.