keegan's room

Keegan's room is by far my favorite room in our house. It is the only room that is actually finished.

Here is a photo from the door looking into the room. Ha ha, I just realized that you can see Keeg's hand sticking out of the top of the crib.

I made the bedding myself. With this yummy black and white houndstooth fabric. The fabric came from Michigan via the big white Fed Ex truck. (Thanks Johanna!)

I purchased these stick up frames from photojojo. Super inexpensive and super cutie!

Target moblie. (Thanks Mom!)

The chair in the corner has yet to be finished. It is from Salvation Army. I painted it black but have not gotten around to sewing the new cushions yet. So, for now the fabric just drapes around the old cushions. The cute pillow is from Target too.

The curtains on the windows are actually canvas shower curtains that I found on clearance for $6 a piece guessed it: Target! I was also planning on sewing on some contrasting fabric to make them floor length but I will probably never get around to that.

Nathan (my amazing hubsters) sanded, stained, and sealed the hardwood floors. Didn't he do a great job? This summer our whole house is getting this treatment. I can't wait!

Cute little door hanger. (Thanks Nichole!)

Bucket of blankets.