carter {6 months}

I was so excited to document little Carter's 6 month birthday. I just love when babies turn 6 months old because they really start to show their personality and develop into little people. This little man was so sweet and his smile would make anyone just melt into pieces.

I can't put my finger on why I love this next shot so much but I just do.

It was quite a challenge to get Carter to look at me because all he wanted to do was check out his new surroundings and eat grass.

I love this next one of Carter and his big brother Lane. It think it tells the story of who they are at this age. Carter is getting ready to shove something into his mouth and Lane is getting ready to pick up dirt and throw it at me.

See. Dirt. Coming my way!

Flying with Mama.


Hanging with Dadda.

How cute is this?

A fave.

This next shot is one of my all time favorite mother-son pics. I think it is so gentle and sweet. It fills me with so much emotion. (Not that filling me with emotion is a hard thing to do, but you know what I mean.)