our christmas

Christmas really snuck up on me this year. I was crazy insane busy with a trip to Michigan, the holiday family photo season, a crazy nasty sinus infection, then our amazing vacation the week before Christmas. I had no time to go shopping or make all of the hand made gifts that I was planning on making this year.  So, my plan is to start making things now while life is a little slower to have ready in time for next year's Christmas gifts. So, I apologize to everyone this year for the lack of attention to detail. I was thinking of you....really I was!


This has been the best Christmas that I can remember (besides the one when my hubby asked me to marry him.) It was so amazing watching my baby boy experience all of the joys of Christmas. He was too young last year to know what was going on but this year he had a blast. My husband comes from a big family. He is one of five kids and 2 of his siblings are married so that means that there is a great abundance of people to spoil Keegan (the only kid in the family.) Thank God that one of our sisters in pregnant so next Christmas hopefully Keegan will realize that the world does not in fact revolve around him.

But for now, for Christmas 2009, the world did revolve around spoiling Keegan and watching him have so much fun discovering all of his new toys.

Notice that in the last picture Keegan wants nothing to do with his mom and dad. He wants to go play.

On Christmas Eve we drove in the midst of the wonderful snow storm to Sapulpa to spend the night at my in-laws house. When we got there (over an hour later) Keegan found that there was a new little rocking chair waiting for him. It was just his size and he loved it! Here he is getting ready for bed and rocking in his new chair.

Poor Keegan must be thoroughly confused. A week before Christmas we were sticking our toes in white sand and swimming in the ocean. We woke up to this outside of the front door. Yay! A White Christmas. Will you kill me if I tell you that maybe I prayed for snow?

Shortly after we woke up, Keegan's aunt and uncle showed up with this. I think that he was in heaven.

The Christmas of 2007 and of 2008 there was a hole in our hearts. Nathan's little brother Jonny was fighting the war in Iraq. This year, Uncle Bear is home to read Keegan a book on Christmas morning. The Lord is faithful and good. Thank you Jesus for protecting our Jonny while he was there and bringing him home safe.

Did I mention yet that Keegan was spoiled this Christmas? Here he is having a blast in his new ball pit. We didn't have the room in our car to bring everything home with us in one trip so this is still at Nana and Poppa's house.

I am blessed beyond measure.