addison {newborn}

I am honored and excited to introduce to you little baby Addison and her mama my dear friend Johanna. Johanna is a friend from Michigan. She is truly one of the most talented, inspiring, loving, halarious and stylish woman that I have ever known. She is a fabulous interior designer so I thought that I would start out this post with a photo of baby Addison's rockin nursery. I wish that my room looked like that!

I am glad to see that Addison is already giving her mom some attitude and sticking her tounge out at her.

If she is anything at all like her mom, in this next shot Addison is thinking about what color her daddy should paint the walls next.

Another talented gal in Michigan made these sweet little booties for Addison. Her name is Laura Taylor and she also made Addison's bedding. If you have any custom sewing projects you should definitely look her up.

Jo and Matt, I am so incredibly happy for you guys. Addison is perfect. Johanna, you are a natural at being a mom. It brought tears to my eyes as I looked through these photos after I got home. I miss you so much but I am so very happy that I had a chance to sit and catch up a bit. Thanks for allowing me to capture your beautiful daughter. Many many blessings to your family.