my baby..loving october

 As a creative woman, I have always struggled with comparing myself or my "art" with that of other creatives. It is one of those things that will either cripple me in fear and feelings of inadequacy or if I choose to rise above the fear, it helps to take me and my "art" to a new level.

Photographing children in all honesty, doesn't come natural to me. It has been a huge learning process from the start of my business and then the birth of my son. For a while I let my fear that my photos of him weren't "good enough" keep me from sharing them or even taking them. How sad is that?

Well, I am happy to say that I am not in that place anymore. My photography is far from perfect and in my eyes as a critical "artist" it always will be less than perfect. The lesson here is that more than anything, I want to capture my Keegan in the moment he is in. As a new mom I quickly learned that they really do grow up way too fast. So, with love and humility I share my imperfect photos with you of my beautiful son.

My friend Ashley is an expert at capturing the lives of her children in photographs. She gives great photo tips on her fabulous blog and one of my favorites is: "Stop saying cheese."

I absolutely love this next shot because Keegan is pointing at the horse in great amazement saying "Dog!" His favorite thing to say right now is dog and everything with 4 legs is a dog. When I look at this photo I can feel the exact emotion that I felt while watching him discover the giant "dog." If I would have stepped in to try and get his attention so that he would cheese at me, the photo wouldn't be worth nearly as much.

I love how tiny and yet grown up he looks in this one. He is so small in comparison with the tractor but he is becoming such an independent boy, always off exploring something.

My two favorite men.

Another one of his favorite sayings..."Ooooooooohhhh."

Pure joy.

See what I mean, he is a big boy now. "Mom? Mom who? I am a walking man."

I know that this was a bit of a wordy post but I hope that it maybe inspired you to just pick up your camera no matter how great or not so great your photography skills are. Photos are all that we have to hold onto. They make our memories richer and our lives seem a bit less fleeting.