kayla+adam {engagement}

Let me start out by saying that I love my job. I could not dream of doing anything else that could bring me this much joy. I have the honor of witnessing love and the challenge of capturing it in a photograph. There is no other type of photography that I would rather do than weddings/engagements. It is not that I do not enjoy my other work, I do.....but this is where my heart is. 

I came home from this engagement shoot beaming from ear to ear. I loved everything about it. It filled me with new creativity and life and energy. First off, the couple Kayla and Adam are about as cute as a couple can be. They really do ooze love for one another. I hardly ever had to tell them to do anything because I just so enjoyed capturing them interacting with one another.  It was a pure joy to witness the warmth in their gaze, the delight in their laughter, the depth of their hearts.

Secondly, the location was one of my favorites. It was the corn maze. My husband was shocked when I told him that is where I was doing the shoot because I have a very irrational fear of corn fields. I watched too many scarey movies as a child. But, I went for it and I faced my silly fear. As it turns out, corn fields are now my friend becasue they make for some killer photos.

I had to share this little series with you. They were so sweet and silly together the entire time. It reminded me of my relationship with my hubby.

You've already seen this shot, but I had to post it again just in case anyone missed it. It is my fave.

Canvas anyone?