just too good

This is just too good to not share with all of you. I have many beautiful families and a wedding that I need to post for everyone on my trusty little blog here. However, there has been a lot of action around our house lately that I MUST share!

My sister-in-law took Keegan to the fair while I was at a shoot and he was mistaken for a little girl a few times. Yikes! He has such pretty eyes and long eyelashes that I guess I could understand the mistake (except that his outfits are always very boyish.) Ahhh! We figured it was time to really shorten up his hair. I mean seriously, look at that mess that always sticks out on the side of his head.

It is hard to believe that this photo was taken on the same day as the one above because I think he looks SO much older with his new do. Here he is intently checking out the new dog next door.

.....and the BIG BIG news is.....

He is WALKING! He decided to just go for it on Wednesday night at my hubby's parents house. He waited until he knew he would be really good at it and now he is just all over the place. What a little stud!