andi+gary {the wedding}

Ta Da! The Goodnight wedding photos are here! I know that there are plenty of you that have been patiently waiting for this post. Thanks for coming back and checking. After a pretty rough few days full of the loss of our friend, another wedding shoot, 7 photo shoots and more emotions than I knew what to do with, I really needed to take a couple of days to recoup. I spent lots of time watching my new favorite show Glee on hulu, making homemade Christmas gifts, and playing with my son. With all of that said, I am back!

Andi and Gary, congratulations! We had such a wonderful time getting to know you through this time in your lives. There is something just so full of warmth, love and hope about the two of you. It is easy to see that you are perfect for one another. Thank you so much for allowing us to capture your love on camera.

No more rambling on and on from me. Just pretty pictures.

Can you believe that the bride Andi wore these shoes all day with a torn ACL! It hurts to look good sometimes.

Isn't Andi seriously, drop dead Gorgeous!!??? Yep.

We had to get a pic of Andi and her baby.

These next two are some of my favorite first dance shots of all time. You really can't beat the warm evening light that made this shot.