the jewell wedding

Alrighty folks, here it is: our last wedding from 2008! Hannah and Jason had a breathtaking wedding in Oklahoma City.  There are simply no words to describe the love and joy that we felt while shooting this wedding.

Congratulations Jason and Hannah, you have found a love that brings a little taste of heaven to earth. We were absolutely honored that you chose us to do your photography. Your entire wedding day was just full of an indescribable peace. You both have been so blessed by the gift of your wonderful spouse. I hope that you enjoy this peek at your photos and that they bring back happy memories of your special day.

Hannah was beaming from the very moment I walked into her salon with my camera.

The wedding was at City Church in OKC, which was one of the most beautiful churches I have seen.

There were such stunning wintery details all day this fur wrap. Oh so pretty!

I love this next shot because it was taken just after Hannah said "This is really happening!" for the 100th time of the day. She was one happy bride!

Hannah awaiting the arrival of her groom for the first time.

They were stuck together like glue.

Not too many brides wear their veil over their faces during the ceremony anymore but Hannah rocked that veil like it was nobody's business. It was the perfect touch for this wedding.

Can it get any prettier than this? I think not!

Lighting the bridesmaid's candles just seconds before the ceremony begins.

I love this idea of a candle instead of flowers....It looks so magical.

A sneaky shot of Jason just as Hannah is walking down the aisle to him.

Husband and Wife!!

More yummy wintery details.

The Jewell's work with children at their church so, there was an abundance of cute kids at this wedding.

Look closely at Jason's cheek in this next shot. I see lipstick markings.

The reception was at the Hall of Mirrors.