welcome home jonny!!!

Thank the Lord, thank the Lord, thank the Lord! My husband's little brother is home from the war in Iraq. Those of you that followed my old blog will remember when he came home to Tulsa for his mid tour break back in the spring when I was just starting to show in my pregnancy with Keegan. We actually gave our son the middle name Jonathan after his brave and amazing Uncle Jonny. Jonny is now back on base in Fort Hood, Texas with his incredible wife Ashton. It was a long 15 months for the both of them (and all of us too.)

Jonny, there are no words to describe how happy we are that you are safe and sound on U.S. soil. We cannot wait to see you and we are so excited for you to meet your first nephew Keegan Jonathon. We love you so much and we thank you for all of the sacrifices that you made to defend freedom and to fight for a more peaceful world.