saturday inspiration

At the start of Saturday morning I was feeling drained....creatively empty. I picked up my friend Nichole in the afternoon for some girl time. We wanted to do something cheap or preferably free so we grabbed a cup of oh so yummy coffee from Shades of Brown and headed out to rummage through thrift stores. It was so much fun to just look at all of the neat things and get my creative juices flowing. 


I love the sparkle of this old clock radio.

Nichole is much more intelligent than I am. She is making all A's in nursing school. I am insanely jealous of her brain. Mine is a jumbled up mess of ideas. This next photo makes me laugh because I saw these old pictures and immediately thought of painting them and then adding my own photo with modge podge. As I declared my love for these seemingly ugly decorations Nichole asked me "What is it? What does it do?" She knew I had brewed up some sort of idea for them.

I love this old trunk. Most people would hate that it looks worn out but that is exactly why I love it.

I did buy a little something that i am going to doctor up. I will post photos of this mystery project when it is complete. No telling when that will be.