More of my little man....

Well, here is yet another post of (You guessed it) Keegan! I promise there will again someday be other subjects on my blog aside from him. But for now, I can't get enough of him and neither can my camera!

Thank you so much to all of my amazing blog readers. Your loving congratulatory comments make our day. We are richly blessed with such kind friends and clients.

Well, on the the Keegsters....

Oh, how I love this face!

....and this one too!

He is actually sleeping in this photo. He will leave his arms up like this for the whole time he is asleep. We like to think that he is already excited to praise the Lord.

The picture of a father of a newborn. TIRED!  Did I mention that my hubby is the most amazing father? Well, he is!
Our dog Jezzi loves Keegan and will lay right by his side when he is crying and try to lick his toes.