3 Handsome Men

When getting ready to do this session I had no idea that I should have worn my sneakers. Freddy's adorable (Will they be mad at me if I call them adorable?) boys Jordan and Evyn are 11 and 7 years old and we did their session in a park with lots of places for them to explore and run. I must admit that I had a blast but I was quite winded after the whole experience.

I had such a great time doing this session. Thanks guys for inviting me to play in the park! Freddy, it was so amazing to see you interact with your boys and watch how they truly admire their dad. In fact, the most memorable line that Jordan said during the session was: "My dad is freakin awesome!"

I hope you enjoy your pics..

This next one was actually the first shot of the day. I absolutely love it because it is such a great image of brothers. Big brother races to the top of the rock and looks back to see his little bro making the climb.

My husband Nathan can't wait to be able to play with Keegan. These next pics are the kind that I will frame in my house.

See what I mean? These kids are ADORABLE!

I had to post both of these shots. One for the more traditional audience and for all of you like me who prefer the second one. :)