Kristy {baby in the belly}

I don't know how I end up photographing the most beautiful pregnant women but holy moly, I am one lucky photographer!

Meet Kristy. Isn't she stunning? She is expecting her baby girl in about a month. Judging by that smile on her face, I'd say that she is a bit overjoyed about the whole idea of becoming a Momma.

Kristy and her hubby Jake were the picture perfect couple. They were high school sweethearts and it is evident that the love they share will pour out all over their new baby girl.

I love this one. I could have photographed her all day.

Awwww....Jake is going to be such a great Daddy.

I close with a photo that was all Kristy and Jake's idea. Apparently, Jake is a big fisherman and is fully aware of the impending doom that his fishing days might come to a brief halt at the arrival of their bundle of joy.


Kristy and Jake, it was such a pleasure to meet you and capture this special time in your life. I can't wait to meet baby Reese!