A California Engagement

What a pleasure it was to hop on a plane with my love to head over to California for Caroline and Logan's engagement shoot. Oklahoma is just brown and blah right now so, my eyes just drank in all of the west coast beauty. 

Logan and Caroline are two the kindest and sweetest souls. They are just easy to be around and they fit together perfectly. Their love is one that is not demanding but sweet and caring. I can easily see why God placed them together. I pray that as the years go by in their marriage that they will sink deeply into the comfort of their love. 

New posts coming soon!

Hey Ya'll! After taking a year off of blogging, I am happy to say that I am ready to start up once again. Last year was so busy for me and with all that I had on my plate, I had to let some things slide. The good news is that I have year's worth of work and life to share with you all. So, be patient with me as I saddle back up onto this horse and get into a groove. 

Diane {bridals} Spain Ranch

Diane is nothing short of breathtaking inside and out. Her genuine beauty mixed with the artistry of Faccia Bella Makeup and Robyn's Flower Garden made this bridal shoot one to remember. It was such a lovely evening photographing Diane and her sisters with the breathtaking surroundings of Spain Ranch

maddie + clay {the wedding}

Maddie and Clay were wed on a beautiful summer afternoon. You can't help but feel how much they love one another when looking through these images. Swoon worthy details and a palpable love make this wedding one for the books. 

Venue: Five Oaks Lodge

Wedding Invitations: Touies Design

Calligraphy: Carol Freese

Naked Cake: Ann Keller Cakes

Dessert Shooters: Hana Mousery

Flowers: Family friend Penny Shelton purchased flowers from Whole Foods and did all of the beautiful arrangements

String Quartet: Greg Lynch

China Rentals: Pretty Little Plates

Videography: Atria Creative

Makeup: Shannon Schroeder

Hair: Audrey Quinalty Sterling Salon

Wedding Gown: Casablanca

Suits: Jos A Banks

Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew

The teague family: an heirloom session

My heart swells for this family. The love and beauty that lives inside of this home's walls is palpable to all who enter. My prayer is that this film and these images are a reminder to the Teague family of just how much beauty and joy they bring this world. 

To have them as friends, brings a bit of heaven down to this earth. 

The houk family: heirloom film

I am thrilled to share with you my very first film of a family other than my own. There is just something that takes my breath away when I capture the everyday life of a family. As parents we can easily grow weary in the middle of no sleep, the constant needs of little ones and feeling like our homes will never ever be clean again. But you see, these days go by oh so fast. These little ones change so much in just a blink of an eye. 

I love you sweet Houk family. Someday our houses will be clean again. But for now, they will be full of toys, laughter and memories that I pray we never forget. 


the campbell family: a lifestyle session

This family. There are no words. They are the real deal. Their friendship is something that I am deeply thankful for on a daily basis. They are those people that stretch you, challenge you and make you want to be better. The way that they live daily life is so beautiful. But not just the pretty instagram kind of life. (Although it is that.) It is the kind of life that is drenched in love. Through hardships, through the good days or through long tiring parenting days, they carry around the love of Christ with them. 

And it changes all who know them. 

It was an honor to do this lifestyle session for them alongside my talented friend Amy of Happily Situated who shot the most amazing video of the evening. 

It is a great joy to share a bit of their story with you through these images. 

Love you friend. 

Lauren & Chad: engagement

We were totally honored to have Lauren and Chad's engagement shoot and love story featured over on the Brides of Oklahoma blog. So, I wanted to share a few of my favorites here too before they tie the knot in a couple of weeks. 

I am working on getting back in the habit of blogging and have so many adorable sessions to share with you. 

Goerge + Anna

I'm so happy to share George and Anna's engagements with you. They are the sweetest most laid back couple. They just radiate love and I cannot wait to photograph their special day. They came into town for the weekend for their engagement session and it rained almost the entire weekend. We just happened to have the perfect overcast afternoon for their shoot. 

my fynn is ONE

My littlest babe....one.

It is hard for me to comprehend. I know that is so very cliche and that it is what all the moms say. But, it is true. This little guy is a miracle. He is living proof that God is good and He knows what He is doing. 

He beat all of the odds and made it into my womb through a vasectomy and a pill, bringing our adoption of two boys from Ethiopia to a screeching halt. We were heartbroken and confused and we knew that God had messed up this time. We didn't understand why the Lord would want us to abandon two orphans so that we could birth another child. It stung. The guilt of feeling sad about a pregnancy wrecked me from the inside out. So many women would do absolutely anything to be in this position. How could I be so insensitive, so cruel?

It took some time but our hearts began to be at peace. We began to trust that the Lord was in control and that whatever His reasoning was, He knew more than us. I had come to a place where I remembered that my trust was in Him. My faith was in Him. He was good. No matter what. I came to terms with the fact that I may never know the answer as to why this happened but that it would be okay. It would somehow be for His glory. 

Then.....we got the news. The heartbreaking, bring you to your knees news that our adoption agency had been shut down for fraud and child trafficking. Ugly ugly stuff with the people we trusted and gave money to, behind bars.  It all happened right around the same time that we may have very well already been on our first visit to Africa to meet our boys with our eldest son with us. Our adoption would have been shut down. Our hearts would have been more broken than I can even wrap my mind around. We may have met our sons face to face and then may have had to disappear from their lives forever. 

Now, I know that there are so many in that boat of grief. The boat that gets hit wave after wave. Those that are fighting for their children when injustice seeps into the adoption system. If that is you, God hears you. Your story may look completely different than mine but I believe that He is at work. Those children are His precious ones. He is working. He is bringing justice. 


Then there is this guy. Fynn Jason Phillips. Full of such joy and peace. The moment that he was placed into my arms love overtook me. There was not a single doubt that he was meant to be my son. The Lord has huge plans for this kid's life. He defied all odds. He is the perfect third child in our little family. There is a beautiful story woven into his life and just looking at his face reminds me of the goodness of my God.  

So, happy birthday baby boy. We celebrate your life today more than you will ever understand. 


happy new year

Happy happy new year friends! Thanks for stopping by my blog to see what is new.

I am busy working on the launch of a brand new site so, I won't be posting any new shoots until that is ready. I can't wait for you to see the new site. 

I post regularly on my Instagram account @imagovitaphotography if you want to take a peek at what I have been up to. 




Get your boudie on!

January 31st.

I promise that you won't regret it. I promise that every single woman that I have ever photographed thinks that she should work out more, wants to wait to do this until she is skinnier, better looking or in a better place financially. I'm here to tell you that God made YOU beautiful and perfect (laced with beautiful imperfections) and gifting your husband with something like this will rock his world. I also promise that you will be surprised about how much fun you will have, how comfortable you will feel in your own skin and how you will want to do this again and again. 

peter & libby : the wedding

Libby and Peter are such an amazing and inspiring couple. So in love and ready to spend their lives growing together. My clients blow me away on a daily basis. I am so beyond thankful to have them in my life and to have the honor of documenting their lives. 

After my first meeting with Libby, I knew she was special. We lingered over our cups of coffee long after the wedding consultation was through. She is one of those gems that makes you feel like you have been friends forever. Peter is just as amazing and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for them as a married couple. What a beautiful team they make. 

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. M! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me into your lives in such a specail way. 

ryan & kacy : the wedding

I am so happy to finally have a blog post of Kacy and Ryan's wedding up for you all to enjoy. Being around this couple just makes anyone feel good. They are so kind, so sweet, so full of love. They were wed at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Tulsa and the reception held at the gorgeous Golf Club of Oklahoma. Flowers by Anne Marie at the French Bouquet. 

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. H! Thank you so much for inviting me into your lives on your amazing day! It was an honor. 

The first look. 

My friend Amy of Happily Situated Photography and Video did this beautiful film of the day. 

Ryan and Kacy from Amy Teague on Vimeo.


bryan & ali : the wedding

It was such an honor and a joy to come out of maternity leave for such a beautiful wedding. Bryan and Ali tied the knot at Five Oaks Lodge and the day could not have been more perfect. There was an 80 or 90 percent chance of thunderstorms all day and the good Lord smiled upon us and held back the storms until after the wedding. The storms brewed in the distance which made for unseasonably cool temperatures for an outdoor June wedding in Oklahoma.

Anne Marie at The French Bouquet brought Ali's vision of a dream wedding to life with her amazing talent. I mean come on, would you just look at this perfect bouquet?!

Bryan and Ali decided to do a first look which gave of lots of time for portraits before the ceremony.

They read each other letters and exchanged gifts. You guessed it, I was crying just watching their faces as they read.

Bryan gave Ali the most amazing piece of artwork. It was a map of Tulsa with special marks on the places they met, got engaged and got married.

Good luck was in the air.

Ali's Dad brought out a book that Ali wrote when she was a little girl as part of his toast. It was one of the most thoughtful and memorable speeches I have ever seen at a wedding.

Congratulations Ali and Bryan! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your day. I loved every single moment of it.

photography workshop : summer 2014

I am getting so excited for our upcoming summer pro-photography workshop.

This is a one-day intensive workshop, designed to help you run a thriving business. The main areas of focus will be creating a successful business model, shooting techniques, posing, lighting and post processing.

The workshop will be held on August 23rd, 2014 in Tulsa Oklahoma. The classroom will be in Ashley’s gorgeous studio space.

Here is a taste of what we will cover:

  • Contracts, pricing, gear
  • How to get the right client
  • Advertising for free
  • Income and in person sales
  • Natural light
  • Off camera flash
  • Workflow, organization and balance
  • Post processing in Lightroom and photoshop

There will be a beautifully styled bride and groom shoot and your meals for the day will be catered.

In order to provide a more intimate and personal experience, space will be limited.

The investment is $625 and is due at the time of registration. I will send a paypal invoice for payment.

One attendant will go home with a brand new Shootsac and all attendants will receive a swag bag.

We have just a few spots left for this one so, email me at imagovitaphotography@gmail.com to register.